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odr_type_d Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for odr_type_d:

Data Fields

tree type
vec< odr_typebases
vec< odr_typederived_types
vec< tree, va_gc > * types
int id
bool anonymous_namespace

Detailed Description

   The node of type inheritance graph.  For each type unique in
   One Defintion Rule (ODR) sense, we produce one node linking all 
   main variants of types equivalent to it, bases and derived types.  

Field Documentation

bool odr_type_d::anonymous_namespace
     Is it in anonymous namespace? 
vec<odr_type> odr_type_d::bases
     All bases.  

Referenced by odr_hasher::hash().

vec<odr_type> odr_type_d::derived_types
     All derrived types with virtual methods seen in unit.  

Referenced by odr_hasher::hash().

int odr_type_d::id
     Unique ID indexing the type in odr_types array.  
tree odr_type_d::type
     leader type.  
vec<tree, va_gc>* odr_type_d::types
     All equivalent types, if more than one.  
pointer_set_t* odr_type_d::types_set
     Set of all equivalent types, if NON-NULL.  

Referenced by odr_hasher::hash(), and odr_hasher::remove().

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