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automaton Struct Reference
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Data Fields

ainsn_t ainsn_list
ainsn_t advance_ainsn
ainsn_t collapse_ainsn
struct automaton_declcorresponding_automaton_decl
automaton_t next_automaton
state_t start_state
int insn_equiv_classes_num
int achieved_states_num
int automaton_order_num
int NDFA_states_num
int DFA_states_num
int minimal_DFA_states_num
int NDFA_arcs_num
int DFA_arcs_num
int minimal_DFA_arcs_num
state_ainsn_table_t trans_table
int max_min_delay
int min_issue_delay_table_compression_factor
int locked_states

Detailed Description

   The following describes an automaton for PHR.  

Field Documentation

int automaton::achieved_states_num
     The following field value is number of states of final DFA.  

Referenced by create_automata().

ainsn_t automaton::advance_ainsn
     Pointers to the ainsns corresponding to the special reservations.  
ainsn_t automaton::ainsn_list
     The following field value is the list of insn declarations for
     given automaton.  

Referenced by equal_alternatives_p(), and output_dfa_start_func().

int automaton::automaton_order_num
     The following field value is the order number (0, 1, ...) of
     given automaton.  

Referenced by compare_max_occ_cycle_nums(), count_states_and_arcs(), output_internal_insn_latency_func(), and transform_insn_regexps().

ainsn_t automaton::collapse_ainsn

Referenced by output_dfa_start_func().

struct automaton_decl* automaton::corresponding_automaton_decl
     The following field value is the corresponding automaton
     declaration.  This field is not NULL only if the automatic
     partition on automata is not used.  

Referenced by clear_arc_insns_equiv_num(), compare_max_occ_cycle_nums(), count_states_and_arcs(), and output_dfa_start_func().

int automaton::DFA_arcs_num
int automaton::DFA_states_num
int automaton::insn_equiv_classes_num
     The following field value is number of equivalence classes of
     insns (see field `insn_equiv_class_num' in
int automaton::locked_states
     Total number of locked states in this automaton.  
int automaton::max_min_delay
     The following member value is maximal value of min issue delay
     for insns of the automaton.  
int automaton::min_issue_delay_table_compression_factor
     Usually min issue delay is small and we can place several (2, 4,
     8) elements in one vector element.  So the compression factor can
     be 1 (no compression), 2, 4, 8.  
int automaton::minimal_DFA_arcs_num
     The following field value is defined only if minimization of DFA
     is used.  
int automaton::minimal_DFA_states_num
     The following field value is defined only if minimization of DFA
     is used.  
int automaton::NDFA_arcs_num
int automaton::NDFA_states_num
     The following fields contain statistics information about
     building automaton.  
automaton_t automaton::next_automaton
     The following field value is the next automaton.  

Referenced by count_states_and_arcs().

state_t automaton::start_state
     The following field is start state of FA.  There are not unit
     reservations in the state.  
state_ainsn_table_t automaton::trans_table
     The following member refers for two table state x ainsn -> int.
     ??? Above sentence is incomprehensible.  

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