GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
reg_rename Struct Reference

Data Fields

HARD_REG_SET unavailable_hard_regs
HARD_REG_SET available_for_renaming
bool crosses_call

Detailed Description

   Holds the results of computation of available for renaming and
   unavailable hard registers.  

Field Documentation

HARD_REG_SET reg_rename::available_for_renaming
     These are *available* for renaming.  

Referenced by mark_unavailable_hard_regs().

bool reg_rename::crosses_call
     Whether this code motion path crosses a call.  

Referenced by choose_best_reg_1().

HARD_REG_SET reg_rename::unavailable_hard_regs
     These are unavailable due to calls crossing, globalness, etc.  

Referenced by init_regs_for_mode().

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