GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dw_line_info_table_struct Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for dw_line_info_table_struct:

Data Fields

const char * end_label
unsigned int file_num
unsigned int line_num
unsigned int column_num
int discrim_num
bool is_stmt
bool in_use
vec< dw_line_info_entry, va_gc > * entries

Field Documentation

unsigned int dw_line_info_table_struct::column_num
int dw_line_info_table_struct::discrim_num
const char* dw_line_info_table_struct::end_label
     The label that marks the end of this section.  
vec<dw_line_info_entry, va_gc>* dw_line_info_table_struct::entries

Referenced by output_aranges().

unsigned int dw_line_info_table_struct::file_num
     The values for the last row of the matrix, as collected in the table.
     These are used to minimize the changes to the next row.  
bool dw_line_info_table_struct::in_use
bool dw_line_info_table_struct::is_stmt
unsigned int dw_line_info_table_struct::line_num

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