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goto_queue_node Struct Reference
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Data Fields

treemple stmt
location_t location
gimple_seq repl_stmt
gimple cont_stmt
int index
int is_label

Detailed Description

   The GOTO_QUEUE is is an array of GIMPLE_GOTO and GIMPLE_RETURN
   statements that are seen to escape this GIMPLE_TRY_FINALLY node.
   The idea is to record a gimple statement for everything except for
   the conditionals, which get their labels recorded. Since labels are
   of type 'tree', we need this node to store both gimple and tree
   objects.  REPL_STMT is the sequence used to replace the goto/return
   statement.  CONT_STMT is used to store the statement that allows
   the return/goto to jump to the original destination. 

Field Documentation

gimple goto_queue_node::cont_stmt

Referenced by outside_finally_tree().

int goto_queue_node::index
int goto_queue_node::is_label
     This is used when index >= 0 to indicate that stmt is a label (as
     opposed to a goto stmt).  
location_t goto_queue_node::location

Referenced by outside_finally_tree().

gimple_seq goto_queue_node::repl_stmt

Referenced by outside_finally_tree().

treemple goto_queue_node::stmt

Referenced by outside_finally_tree().

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