GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
spec_info_def Struct Reference

#include <sched-int.h>

Data Fields

int mask
FILE * dump
dw_t data_weakness_cutoff
int control_weakness_cutoff
int flags

Detailed Description

   This structure holds description of the properties for speculative

Field Documentation

int spec_info_def::control_weakness_cutoff
     Minimal usefulness of speculative instruction to be considered for

Referenced by compute_live_below_insn().

dw_t spec_info_def::data_weakness_cutoff
     Minimal cumulative weakness of speculative instruction's
     dependencies, so that insn will be scheduled.  

Referenced by compute_live_below_insn().

FILE* spec_info_def::dump
     A dump file for additional information on speculative scheduling.  
int spec_info_def::flags
     Flags from the enum SPEC_SCHED_FLAGS.  

Referenced by dep_cost_1().

int spec_info_def::mask
     Holds types of allowed speculations: BEGIN_{DATA|CONTROL},

Referenced by collect_unavailable_regs_from_bnds().

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