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eh_status Struct Reference

#include <except.h>

Collaboration diagram for eh_status:

Data Structures

union  eh_status_u

Data Fields

eh_region region_tree
vec< eh_region, va_gc > * region_array
vec< eh_landing_pad, va_gc > * lp_array
htab_t throw_stmt_table
vec< tree, va_gc > * ttype_data
union eh_status::eh_status_u ehspec_data

Detailed Description

   The exception status for each function.  

Field Documentation

union eh_status::eh_status_u eh_status::ehspec_data

Referenced by add_ttypes_entry().

vec<eh_landing_pad, va_gc>* eh_status::lp_array
     The landing pads as an indexable array.  

Referenced by duplicate_computed_gotos(), and make_goto_expr_edges().

vec<eh_region, va_gc>* eh_status::region_array
     The same information as an indexable array.  
eh_region eh_status::region_tree
     The tree of all regions for this function.  

Referenced by cleanup_empty_eh_unsplit(), and remove_eh_handler_splicer().

htab_t eh_status::throw_stmt_table
     At the gimple level, a mapping from gimple statement to landing pad
     or must-not-throw region.  See record_stmt_eh_region.  
vec<tree, va_gc>* eh_status::ttype_data
     All of the runtime type data used by the function.  These objects
     are emitted to the lang-specific-data-area for the function.  

Referenced by ehspec_hasher::equal().

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