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ehspec_hasher Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef ttypes_filter value_type
typedef ttypes_filter compare_type

Static Public Member Functions

static hashval_t hash (const value_type *)
static bool equal (const value_type *, const compare_type *)
static void remove (ttypes_filter *p)

Detailed Description

   Helper for ehspec hashing.  

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

bool ehspec_hasher::equal ( const value_type entry,
const compare_type data 
   Compare ENTRY with DATA (both struct ttypes_filter) for a @TTypes
   exception specification list we are thinking about adding.  
   ??? Currently we use the type lists in the order given.  Someone
   should put these in some canonical order.  

References cfun, function::eh, ttypes_filter::filter, ttypes_filter::t, eh_status::ttype_data, type(), and vec_safe_length().

hashval_t ehspec_hasher::hash ( const value_type entry)
   Hash function for exception specification lists.  
static void typed_free_remove< ttypes_filter >::remove ( ttypes_filter p)
   Remove with free.  

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