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succs_info Struct Reference

#include <sel-sched-ir.h>

Collaboration diagram for succs_info:

Data Fields

short flags
insn_vec_t succs_ok
vec< int > probs_ok
insn_vec_t succs_other
int all_prob
int all_succs_n
int succs_ok_n

Detailed Description

   A structure returning all successor's information.  

Field Documentation

int succs_info::all_prob
     Probability of all successors.  
int succs_info::all_succs_n
     The number of all successors.  
short succs_info::flags
     Flags that these succcessors were computed with.  
vec<int> succs_info::probs_ok
     Their probabilities.  As of now, we don't need this for other
insn_vec_t succs_info::succs_ok
     Successors that correspond to the flags.  
int succs_info::succs_ok_n
     The number of good successors.  
insn_vec_t succs_info::succs_other
     Other successors.  

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