GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
read_info Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int group_id
alias_set_type alias_set
int begin
int end
rtx mem
struct read_infonext

Detailed Description

   This structure holds information about a load.  These are only
   built for rtx bases.  

Field Documentation

alias_set_type read_info::alias_set
     If this is non-zero, it is the alias set of a spill location.  
int read_info::begin
     The offset of the first and byte after the last byte associated
     with the operation.  If begin == end == 0, the read did not have
     a constant offset.  
int read_info::end
int read_info::group_id
     The id of the mem group of the base address.  
rtx read_info::mem
     The mem being read.  
struct read_info* read_info::next
     The next read_info for this insn.  

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