GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
regstat_n_sets_and_refs_t Struct Reference

#include <regs.h>

Data Fields

int sets
int refs

Detailed Description

   REG_N_REFS and REG_N_SETS are initialized by a call to
   regstat_init_n_sets_and_refs from the current values of
   should only be used if a pass need to change these values in some
   magical way or the pass needs to have accurate values for these
   and is not using incremental df scanning.

   At the end of a pass that uses REG_N_REFS and REG_N_SETS, a call
   should be made to regstat_free_n_sets_and_refs.

   Local alloc seems to play pretty loose with these values.
   REG_N_REFS is set to 0 if the register is used in an asm.
   Furthermore, local_alloc calls regclass to hack both REG_N_REFS and
   REG_N_SETS for three address insns.  Other passes seem to have
   other special values.  
   Structure to hold values for REG_N_SETS (i) and REG_N_REFS (i). 

Field Documentation

int regstat_n_sets_and_refs_t::refs
int regstat_n_sets_and_refs_t::sets

Referenced by REG_N_REFS().

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