GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
reg_pressure_data Struct Reference

#include <sched-int.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int clobber_increase: INCREASE_BITS
unsigned int set_increase: INCREASE_BITS
unsigned int unused_set_increase: INCREASE_BITS
int change: INCREASE_BITS

Detailed Description

   The structure describes how the corresponding insn increases the
   register pressure for each pressure class.  

Field Documentation

int reg_pressure_data::change
     Pressure change: #sets - #deaths.  

Referenced by mark_insn_hard_regno_birth(), and model_promote_predecessors().

unsigned int reg_pressure_data::clobber_increase
     Pressure increase for given class because of clobber.  

Referenced by mark_insn_hard_regno_birth(), and note_mem_dep().

unsigned int reg_pressure_data::set_increase
     Increase in register pressure for given class because of register

Referenced by mark_insn_hard_regno_birth(), model_promote_predecessors(), must_restore_pattern_p(), priority(), and ready_remove_insn().

unsigned int reg_pressure_data::unused_set_increase
     Pressure increase for given class because of unused register

Referenced by mark_insn_hard_regno_birth().

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