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output_buffer Struct Reference

#include <pretty-print.h>

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Public Member Functions

 output_buffer ()
 ~output_buffer ()

Data Fields

struct obstack formatted_obstack
struct obstack chunk_obstack
struct obstack * obstack
struct chunk_infocur_chunk_array
FILE * stream
int line_length
char digit_buffer [128]

Detailed Description

   The output buffer datatype.  This is best seen as an abstract datatype
   whose fields should not be accessed directly by clients.  

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

output_buffer::output_buffer ( )

Various declarations for language-independent pretty-print subroutines. Copyright (C) 2003-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Gabriel Dos Reis gdr@i.nosp@m.nteg.nosp@m.rable.nosp@m.-sol.nosp@m.ution.nosp@m.s.ne.nosp@m.t

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output_buffer::~output_buffer ( )

References chunk_obstack, and formatted_obstack.

Field Documentation

struct obstack output_buffer::chunk_obstack
     Obstack containing a chunked representation of the format
     specification plus arguments.  

Referenced by pp_indent(), and ~output_buffer().

struct chunk_info* output_buffer::cur_chunk_array
     Stack of chunk arrays.  These come from the chunk_obstack.  

Referenced by pp_indent().

char output_buffer::digit_buffer[128]
     This must be large enough to hold any printed integer or
     floating-point value.  
struct obstack output_buffer::formatted_obstack
     Obstack where the text is built up.  

Referenced by ~output_buffer().

int output_buffer::line_length
     The amount of characters output so far.  
struct obstack* output_buffer::obstack
     Currently active obstack: one of the above two.  This is used so
     that the text formatters don't need to know which phase we're in.  
FILE* output_buffer::stream
     Where to output formatted text.  

Referenced by debug_gimple_stmt(), and dump_rdg().

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