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gimple_df Struct Reference

#include <gimple-ssa.h>

Collaboration diagram for gimple_df:

Data Fields

vec< gimple, va_gc > * modified_noreturn_calls
vec< tree, va_gc > * ssa_names
tree vop
struct pt_solution escaped
struct pointer_map_tdecls_to_pointers
vec< tree, va_gc > * free_ssanames
htab_t default_defs
unsigned int ssa_renaming_needed: 1
unsigned int rename_vops: 1
unsigned int in_ssa_p: 1
unsigned int ipa_pta: 1
struct ssa_operands ssa_operands
htab_t tm_restart

Detailed Description

   Gimple dataflow datastructure. All publicly available fields shall have
   gimple_ accessor defined, all publicly modifiable fields should have
   gimple_set accessor.  

Field Documentation

struct pointer_map_t* gimple_df::decls_to_pointers
     A map of decls to artificial ssa-names that point to the partition
     of the decl.  

Referenced by add_partitioned_vars_to_ptset(), and ao_ref_from_mem().

htab_t gimple_df::default_defs
     Hashtable holding definition for symbol.  If this field is not NULL, it
     means that the first reference to this variable in the function is a
     USE or a VUSE.  In those cases, the SSA renamer creates an SSA name
     for this variable with an empty defining statement.  

Referenced by execute_init_datastructures().

struct pt_solution gimple_df::escaped
     The PTA solution for the ESCAPED artificial variable.  

Referenced by debug_solution_for_var(), and update_alias_info_with_stack_vars().

vec<tree, va_gc>* gimple_df::free_ssanames
     Free list of SSA_NAMEs.  
unsigned int gimple_df::in_ssa_p
     True if the code is in ssa form.  
unsigned int gimple_df::ipa_pta
     True if IPA points-to information was computed for this function.  
vec<gimple, va_gc>* gimple_df::modified_noreturn_calls
     A vector of all the noreturn calls passed to modify_stmt.
     cleanup_control_flow uses it to detect cases where a mid-block
     indirect call has been turned into a noreturn call.  When this
     happens, all the instructions after the call are no longer
     reachable and must be deleted as dead.  
unsigned int gimple_df::rename_vops
     True if all virtual operands need to be renamed.  

Referenced by finalize_ssa_defs().

vec<tree, va_gc>* gimple_df::ssa_names
     Array of all SSA_NAMEs used in the function.  

Referenced by release_defs().

struct ssa_operands gimple_df::ssa_operands
unsigned int gimple_df::ssa_renaming_needed
     True if there are any symbols that need to be renamed.  

Referenced by finalize_ssa_defs().

htab_t gimple_df::tm_restart
     Map gimple stmt to tree label (or list of labels) for transaction
     restart and abort.  
tree gimple_df::vop
     Artificial variable used for the virtual operand FUD chain.  

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