GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
expr_history_def_1 Struct Reference

#include <sel-sched-ir.h>

Collaboration diagram for expr_history_def_1:

Data Fields

unsigned uid
vinsn_t old_expr_vinsn
vinsn_t new_expr_vinsn
ds_t spec_ds
enum local_trans_type type

Detailed Description

   This struct is used to record the history of expression's

Field Documentation

vinsn_t expr_history_def_1::new_expr_vinsn
     How the expression looks after the transformation.  
vinsn_t expr_history_def_1::old_expr_vinsn
     How the expression looked like.  
ds_t expr_history_def_1::spec_ds
     And its speculative status.  
enum local_trans_type expr_history_def_1::type
     Type of the transformation.  
unsigned expr_history_def_1::uid
     UID of the insn.  

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