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cgraph_function_version_info Struct Reference

#include <cgraph.h>

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Data Fields

struct cgraph_nodethis_node
tree dispatcher_resolver

Detailed Description

   Function Multiversioning info.  

Field Documentation

tree cgraph_function_version_info::dispatcher_resolver
     If this node corresponds to a function version, this points
     to the dispatcher function decl, which is the function that must
     be called to execute the right function version at run-time.

     If this cgraph node is a dispatcher (if dispatcher_function is
     true, in the cgraph_node struct) for function versions, this
     points to resolver function, which holds the function body of the
     dispatcher. The dispatcher decl is an alias to the resolver
     function decl.  
struct cgraph_function_version_info* cgraph_function_version_info::next
     If this version node corresponds to a dispatcher for function
     versions, this points to the version info node of the default
     function, the first node in the chain.  

Referenced by delete_function_version().

struct cgraph_function_version_info* cgraph_function_version_info::prev
     Chains all the semantically identical function versions.  The
     first function in this chain is the version_info node of the
     default function.  
struct cgraph_node* cgraph_function_version_info::this_node
     The cgraph_node for which the function version info is stored.  

Referenced by cgraph_fnver_htab_hash().

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