GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
_dep Struct Reference

#include <sched-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for _dep:

Data Fields

rtx pro
rtx con
struct dep_replacementreplace
ds_t status
ENUM_BITFIELD(reg_note) type
unsigned multiple:1
int cost:20

Detailed Description

   Information about the dependency.  

Field Documentation

rtx _dep::con
int _dep::cost
     Cached cost of the dependency.  Make sure to update UNKNOWN_DEP_COST
     when changing the size of this field.  
unsigned _dep::multiple
ENUM_BITFIELD (reg_note) type unsigned _dep::nonreg
     Dependency major type.  This field is superseded by STATUS above.
     Though, it is still in place because some targets use it.  
rtx _dep::pro
struct dep_replacement* _dep::replace
     If nonnull, holds a pointer to information about how to break the
     dependency by making a replacement in one of the insns.  There is
     only one such dependency for each insn that must be modified in
     order to break such a dependency.  
ds_t _dep::status
     Dependency status.  This field holds all dependency types and additional
     information for speculative dependencies.  

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