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spec_list Struct Reference
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Data Fields

const char * name
const char * ptr
const char ** ptr_spec
struct spec_listnext
int name_len
bool user_p
bool alloc_p

Detailed Description

   Structure to keep track of the specs that have been defined so far.
   These are accessed using %(specname) in a compiler or link

Field Documentation

bool spec_list::alloc_p
const char* spec_list::name
                                   The following 2 fields must be first 
                                   to allow EXTRA_SPECS to be initialized 

Referenced by display_help(), and load_specs().

int spec_list::name_len

Referenced by load_specs().

struct spec_list* spec_list::next

Referenced by display_help(), and load_specs().

const char* spec_list::ptr
const char** spec_list::ptr_spec
                                   The following fields are not initialized 
                                   by EXTRA_SPECS 

Referenced by display_help().

bool spec_list::user_p

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