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var_loc_list_def Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct var_loc_nodefirst
struct var_loc_nodelast
struct var_loc_nodelast_before_switch
unsigned int decl_id

Detailed Description

   Variable location list.  

Field Documentation

unsigned int var_loc_list_def::decl_id
     DECL_UID of the variable decl.  
struct var_loc_node* var_loc_list_def::first
struct var_loc_node* var_loc_list_def::last
     Pointer to the last but one or last element of the
     chained list.  If the list is empty, both first and
     last are NULL, if the list contains just one node
     or the last node certainly is not redundant, it points
     to the last node, otherwise points to the last but one.
     Do not mark it for GC because it is marked through the chain.  

Referenced by strip_naming_typedef().

struct var_loc_node* var_loc_list_def::last_before_switch
     Pointer to the last element before section switch,
     if NULL, either sections weren't switched or first
     is after section switch.  

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