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attr_desc Struct Reference
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Data Fields

char * name
const char * enum_name
struct attr_descnext
struct attr_valuefirst_value
struct attr_valuedefault_val
int lineno: 24
unsigned is_numeric: 1
unsigned is_const: 1
unsigned is_special: 1

Detailed Description

   Structure for each attribute.  

Field Documentation

struct attr_value* attr_desc::default_val
const char* attr_desc::enum_name
struct attr_value* attr_desc::first_value

Referenced by substitute_address().

unsigned attr_desc::is_const

Referenced by check_defs(), and substitute_address().

unsigned attr_desc::is_numeric

Referenced by substitute_address().

unsigned attr_desc::is_special

Referenced by substitute_address().

int attr_desc::lineno
char* attr_desc::name
struct attr_desc* attr_desc::next

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