GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
stack_usage Struct Reference

#include <function.h>

Data Fields

HOST_WIDE_INT static_stack_size
HOST_WIDE_INT dynamic_stack_size
int pushed_stack_size
unsigned int has_unbounded_dynamic_stack_size: 1

Field Documentation

HOST_WIDE_INT stack_usage::dynamic_stack_size
     # of bytes of dynamic stack space allocated by the function.  This is
     meaningful only if has_unbounded_dynamic_stack_size is zero.  
unsigned int stack_usage::has_unbounded_dynamic_stack_size
     Nonzero if the amount of stack space allocated dynamically cannot
     be bounded at compile-time.  
int stack_usage::pushed_stack_size
     # of bytes of space pushed onto the stack after the prologue.  If
     !ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS, it contains the outgoing arguments.  
HOST_WIDE_INT stack_usage::static_stack_size
     # of bytes of static stack space allocated by the function.  

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