GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
count_use_info Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for count_use_info:

Data Fields

rtx insn
basic_block bb
struct cselib_setsets
int n_sets
bool store_p

Detailed Description

   Carry information about uses and stores while walking rtx.  

Field Documentation

basic_block count_use_info::bb
     The basic block where insn is.  

Referenced by log_op_type().

rtx count_use_info::insn
     The insn where the RTX is.  
int count_use_info::n_sets
struct cselib_set* count_use_info::sets
     The array of n_sets sets in the insn, as determined by cselib.  
bool count_use_info::store_p
     True if we're counting stores, false otherwise.  

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