GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
iterator_group Struct Reference

Data Fields

htab_t attrs
htab_t iterators
int(* find_builtin )(const char *)
void(* apply_iterator )(void *, int)

Detailed Description

   A structure for abstracting the common parts of iterators.  

Field Documentation

void(* iterator_group::apply_iterator)(void *, int)
     Make the given pointer use the given iterator value.  

Referenced by add_current_iterators(), and apply_iterators().

htab_t iterator_group::attrs
     Tables of "mapping" structures, one for attributes and one for

Referenced by find_subst_iter_by_attr().

int(* iterator_group::find_builtin)(const char *)
     Treat the given string as the name of a standard mode, etc., and
     return its integer value.  
htab_t iterator_group::iterators

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