GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ira_emit_data Struct Reference

#include <ira-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for ira_emit_data:

Data Fields

unsigned int mem_optimized_dest_p: 1
unsigned int somewhere_renamed_p: 1
unsigned int child_renamed_p: 1
rtx reg
ira_allocno_t mem_optimized_dest

Detailed Description

   Allocno bound data used for emit pseudo live range split insns and
   to flattening IR.  

Field Documentation

unsigned int ira_emit_data::child_renamed_p
     TRUE if allocno with the same REGNO in a subregion has been
     renamed, in other words, got a new pseudo-register.  
ira_allocno_t ira_emit_data::mem_optimized_dest
     Non NULL if we remove restoring value from given allocno to
     MEM_OPTIMIZED_DEST at loop exit (see ira-emit.c) because the
     allocno value is not changed inside the loop.  
unsigned int ira_emit_data::mem_optimized_dest_p
     TRUE if the allocno assigned to memory was a destination of
     removed move (see ira-emit.c) at loop exit because the value of
     the corresponding pseudo-register is not changed inside the
rtx ira_emit_data::reg
     Final rtx representation of the allocno.  
unsigned int ira_emit_data::somewhere_renamed_p
     TRUE if the corresponding pseudo-register has disjoint live
     ranges and the other allocnos of the pseudo-register except this
     one changed REG.  

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