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ipa_node_params Struct Reference

#include <ipa-prop.h>

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Data Fields

vec< ipa_param_descriptor_tdescriptors
struct ipcp_param_latticeslattices
struct cgraph_nodeipcp_orig_node
vec< treeknown_vals
unsigned uses_analysis_done: 1
unsigned node_enqueued: 1
unsigned do_clone_for_all_contexts: 1
unsigned is_all_contexts_clone: 1
unsigned node_dead: 1

Detailed Description

   ipa_node_params stores information related to formal parameters of functions
   and some other information for interprocedural passes that operate on
   parameters (such as ipa-cp).  

Field Documentation

vec<ipa_param_descriptor_t> ipa_node_params::descriptors
     Information about individual formal parameters that are gathered when
     summaries are generated. 

Referenced by count_formal_params(), ipa_alloc_node_params(), ipa_edge_removal_hook(), ipa_get_param_decl_index_1(), and ipa_load_from_parm_agg().

unsigned ipa_node_params::do_clone_for_all_contexts
     Whether we should create a specialized version based on values that are
     known to be constant in all contexts.  
struct cgraph_node* ipa_node_params::ipcp_orig_node
     Only for versioned nodes this field would not be NULL,
     it points to the node that IPA cp cloned from.  

Referenced by copy_plats_to_inter(), and ipa_edge_removal_hook().

unsigned ipa_node_params::is_all_contexts_clone
     Set if this is an IPA-CP clone for all contexts.  
vec<tree> ipa_node_params::known_vals
     If this node is an ipa-cp clone, these are the known values that describe
     what it has been specialized for.  

Referenced by ipcp_discover_new_direct_edges().

struct ipcp_param_lattices* ipa_node_params::lattices
     Pointer to an array of structures describing individual formal

Referenced by ipa_edge_removal_hook().

unsigned ipa_node_params::node_dead
     Node has been completely replaced by clones and will be removed after
     ipa-cp is finished.  
unsigned ipa_node_params::node_enqueued
     Whether the function is enqueued in ipa-cp propagation stack.  

Referenced by ipa_edge_removal_hook().

unsigned ipa_node_params::uses_analysis_done
     Whether the param uses analysis has already been performed.  

Referenced by ipa_edge_removal_hook().

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