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ipcp_param_lattices Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct ipcp_lattice itself
struct ipcp_agg_latticeaggs
int aggs_count
bool aggs_by_ref
bool aggs_contain_variable
bool aggs_bottom
bool virt_call

Detailed Description

   Structure containing lattices for a parameter itself and for pieces of
   aggregates that are passed in the parameter or by a reference in a parameter
   plus some other useful flags.  

Field Documentation

struct ipcp_agg_lattice* ipcp_param_lattices::aggs
     Lattices describing aggregate parts.  

Referenced by move_binfos_to_values().

bool ipcp_param_lattices::aggs_bottom
     The value of all aggregate lattices is bottom (i.e. variable and unusable
     for any propagation).  

Referenced by set_chain_of_aglats_contains_variable().

bool ipcp_param_lattices::aggs_by_ref
     True if aggregate data were passed by reference (as opposed to by
bool ipcp_param_lattices::aggs_contain_variable
     All aggregate lattices contain a variable component (in addition to

Referenced by move_binfos_to_values(), and pop_node_from_stack().

int ipcp_param_lattices::aggs_count
     Number of aggregate lattices 
struct ipcp_lattice ipcp_param_lattices::itself
     Lattice describing the value of the parameter itself.  

Referenced by pop_node_from_stack(), and propagate_aggs_accross_jump_function().

bool ipcp_param_lattices::virt_call
     There is a virtual call based on this parameter.  

Referenced by agg_jmp_p_vec_for_t_vec(), and set_agg_lats_contain_variable().

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