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ipcp_agg_lattice Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct ipcp_agg_latticenext
struct ipcp_valuevalues
int values_count
bool contains_variable
bool bottom

Detailed Description

   Lattice with an offset to describe a part of an aggregate.  

Field Documentation

bool ipcp_lattice::bottom
     The value of the lattice is bottom (i.e. variable and unusable for any

Referenced by add_scalar_value_to_lattice(), ipa_get_scalar_lat(), and move_binfos_to_values().

bool ipcp_lattice::contains_variable
     The lattice contains a variable component (in addition to values).  

Referenced by pop_node_from_stack().

struct ipcp_agg_lattice* ipcp_agg_lattice::next
     Next element of the linked list.  

Referenced by move_binfos_to_values(), and set_check_aggs_by_ref().

HOST_WIDE_INT ipcp_agg_lattice::offset
     Offset that is being described by this lattice. 

Referenced by move_binfos_to_values().

HOST_WIDE_INT ipcp_agg_lattice::size
     Size so that we don't have to re-compute it every time we traverse the
     list.  Must correspond to TYPE_SIZE of all lat values.  
struct ipcp_value* ipcp_lattice::values
     The list of known values and types in this lattice.  Note that values are
     not deallocated if a lattice is set to bottom because there may be value
     sources referencing them.  

Referenced by add_value_to_lattice(), and move_binfos_to_values().

int ipcp_lattice::values_count
     Number of known values and types in this lattice.  

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