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model_pressure_group Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct model_pressure_limit limits [N_REG_CLASSES]
struct model_pressure_datamodel

Detailed Description

   Describes a particular way of measuring register pressure.  

Field Documentation

struct model_pressure_limit model_pressure_group::limits[N_REG_CLASSES]
     Index PCI describes the maximum pressure on ira_pressure_classes[PCI].  

Referenced by model_classify_pressure().

struct model_pressure_data* model_pressure_group::model
     Index (POINT * ira_num_pressure_classes + PCI) describes the pressure
     on register class ira_pressure_classes[PCI] at point POINT of the
     current model schedule.  A POINT of model_num_insns describes the
     pressure at the end of the schedule.  

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