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mapping Struct Reference
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Data Fields

const char * name
struct iterator_groupgroup
struct map_valuevalues
struct map_valuecurrent_value

Detailed Description

   Maps an iterator or attribute name to a list of (integer, string) pairs.
   The integers are iterator values; the strings are either C conditions
   or attribute values.  

Field Documentation

struct map_value* mapping::current_value
     For iterators, records the current value of the iterator.  

Referenced by add_condition_to_rtx(), add_current_iterators(), and apply_iterators().

struct iterator_group* mapping::group
     The group (modes or codes) to which the iterator or attribute belongs.  

Referenced by add_current_iterators(), apply_iterators(), and find_subst_iter_by_attr().

const char* mapping::name
     The name of the iterator or attribute.  

Referenced by apply_iterators(), find_subst_iter_by_attr(), and map_attr_string().

struct map_value* mapping::values
     The list of (integer, string) pairs.  

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