GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
secondary_reload_info Struct Reference

#include <target.h>

Collaboration diagram for secondary_reload_info:

Data Fields

int icode
int extra_cost
struct secondary_reload_infoprev_sri
int t_icode

Detailed Description

   The struct used by the secondary_reload target hook.  

Field Documentation

int secondary_reload_info::extra_cost
int secondary_reload_info::icode
     icode is actually an enum insn_code, but we don't want to force every
     file that includes target.h to include optabs.h .  

Referenced by default_branch_target_register_class().

struct secondary_reload_info* secondary_reload_info::prev_sri
     The next two members are for the use of the backward
     compatibility hook.  

Referenced by default_branch_target_register_class().

int secondary_reload_info::t_icode

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