GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
extraction_insn Struct Reference

#include <optabs.h>

Data Fields

enum insn_code icode
enum machine_mode struct_mode
enum machine_mode field_mode
enum machine_mode pos_mode

Detailed Description

   Describes an instruction that inserts or extracts a bitfield.  

Field Documentation

enum machine_mode extraction_insn::field_mode
     The mode of the field to be inserted or extracted, and by extension
     the mode of the insertion or extraction itself.  

Referenced by simple_mem_bitfield_p(), and widening_optab_handler().

enum insn_code extraction_insn::icode
     The code of the instruction.  

Referenced by widening_optab_handler().

enum machine_mode extraction_insn::pos_mode
     The mode of the field's bit position.  This is only important
     when the position is variable rather than constant.  

Referenced by widening_optab_handler().

enum machine_mode extraction_insn::struct_mode
     The mode that the structure operand should have.  This is byte_mode
     when using the legacy insv, extv and extzv patterns to access memory.  

Referenced by widening_optab_handler().

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