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tree_int_map_hasher Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef tree_int_map value_type
typedef tree_int_map compare_type

Static Public Member Functions

static hashval_t hash (const value_type *)
static bool equal (const value_type *, const compare_type *)
static void remove (tree_int_map *p)

Detailed Description

   VARMAP maintains a mapping from SSA version number to real variables.

   All SSA_NAMES are divided into partitions.  Initially each ssa_name is the
   only member of it's own partition.  Coalescing will attempt to group any
   ssa_names which occur in a copy or in a PHI node into the same partition.

   At the end of out-of-ssa, each partition becomes a "real" variable and is
   rewritten as a compiler variable.

   The var_map data structure is used to manage these partitions.  It allows
   partitions to be combined, and determines which partition belongs to what
   ssa_name or variable, and vice versa.  
   Hashtable helpers.  

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef tree_int_map tree_int_map_hasher::compare_type
typedef tree_int_map tree_int_map_hasher::value_type

Member Function Documentation

bool tree_int_map_hasher::equal ( const value_type v,
const compare_type c 
hashval_t tree_int_map_hasher::hash ( const value_type v)
static void typed_noop_remove< tree_int_map >::remove ( tree_int_map *  p)
   Remove doing nothing.  

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