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ivs_params Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vec< treeparams
vec< tree > * newivs
clast_index_htab_type newivs_index
clast_index_htab_type params_index
sese region

Detailed Description

   NEWIVS_INDEX binds CLooG's scattering name to the index of the tree
   induction variable in NEWIVS.

   PARAMS_INDEX binds CLooG's parameter name to the index of the tree
   parameter in PARAMS.  

Field Documentation

vec<tree> * ivs_params::newivs
clast_index_htab_type ivs_params::newivs_index
vec<tree> ivs_params::params

Referenced by save_clast_name_index().

clast_index_htab_type ivs_params::params_index

Referenced by save_clast_name_index().

sese ivs_params::region

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