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sese.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  sese_s
struct  ifsese_s
struct  rename_map_elt_s
struct  gimple_bb


typedef struct sese_ssese
typedef struct ifsese_sifsese
typedef struct rename_map_elt_srename_map_elt
typedef struct gimple_bbgimple_bb_p


sese new_sese (edge, edge)
void free_sese (sese)
void sese_insert_phis_for_liveouts (sese, basic_block, edge, edge)
void build_sese_loop_nests (sese)
edge copy_bb_and_scalar_dependences (basic_block, sese, edge, vec< tree >, bool *)
struct loopoutermost_loop_in_sese (sese, basic_block)
tree scalar_evolution_in_region (sese, loop_p, tree)
static bool sese_contains_loop ()
static unsigned sese_nb_params ()
static bool bb_in_region ()
static bool bb_in_sese_p ()
static bool stmt_in_sese_p ()
static bool defined_in_sese_p ()
static bool loop_in_sese_p ()
static unsigned int sese_loop_depth ()
static sese split_region_for_bb ()
static basic_block block_before_sese ()
void if_region_set_false_region (ifsese, sese)
ifsese move_sese_in_condition (sese)
edge get_true_edge_from_guard_bb (basic_block)
edge get_false_edge_from_guard_bb (basic_block)
void set_ifsese_condition (ifsese, tree)
static edge if_region_entry ()
static edge if_region_exit ()
static basic_block if_region_get_condition_block ()
hashval_t rename_map_elt_info (const void *)
int eq_rename_map_elts (const void *, const void *)
static rename_map_elt new_rename_map_elt ()
static void recompute_all_dominators ()
static struct loopgbb_loop ()
static loop_p gbb_loop_at_index ()
static int nb_common_loops ()
static bool scev_analyzable_p ()

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct gimple_bb * gimple_bb_p
typedef struct ifsese_s * ifsese
   A single entry single exit specialized for conditions.  
typedef struct rename_map_elt_s * rename_map_elt
   Structure containing the mapping between the old names and the new
   names used after block copy in the new loop context.  
typedef struct sese_s * sese
   A Single Entry, Single Exit region is a part of the CFG delimited
   by two edges.  

Function Documentation

static bool bb_in_region ( )
   Checks whether BB is contained in the region delimited by ENTRY and
   EXIT blocks.  
       Check that there are no edges coming in the region: all the
       predecessors of EXIT are dominated by ENTRY.  
static bool bb_in_sese_p ( )
   Checks whether BB is contained in the region delimited by ENTRY and
   EXIT blocks.  

References gimple_bb().

Referenced by print_graphite_scop_statistics(), and sese_record_loop().

static basic_block block_before_sese ( )
   Returns the block preceding the entry of a SESE.  

Referenced by move_sese_in_condition().

void build_sese_loop_nests ( sese  )
edge copy_bb_and_scalar_dependences ( basic_block  bb,
sese  region,
edge  next_e,
vec< tree iv_map,
bool *  gloog_error 
   Copies BB and includes in the copied BB all the statements that can
   be reached following the use-def chains from the memory accesses,
   and returns the next edge following this new block.  GLOOG_ERROR is
   set when the code generation cannot continue.  
static bool defined_in_sese_p ( )
   Returns true when NAME is defined in REGION.  

Referenced by move_sese_in_condition().

int eq_rename_map_elts ( const void *  ,
const void *   
void free_sese ( sese  )
static struct loop* gbb_loop ( )
   Return the innermost loop that contains the basic block GBB.  

References find_common_loop(), and sese_loop_depth().

static loop_p gbb_loop_at_index ( )
   Returns the gimple loop, that corresponds to the loop_iterator_INDEX.
   If there is no corresponding gimple loop, we return NULL.  

Referenced by graphite_create_new_loop().

edge get_false_edge_from_guard_bb ( basic_block  )
edge get_true_edge_from_guard_bb ( basic_block  )
static edge if_region_entry ( )
static edge if_region_exit ( )
static basic_block if_region_get_condition_block ( )
void if_region_set_false_region ( ifsese  ,
static bool loop_in_sese_p ( )
   Returns true when LOOP is in REGION.  

References loop_outer().

Referenced by close_phi_written_to_memory(), move_sese_in_condition(), and print_graphite_scop_statistics().

ifsese move_sese_in_condition ( sese  )
static int nb_common_loops ( )
   The number of common loops in REGION for GBB1 and GBB2.  
static rename_map_elt new_rename_map_elt ( )
   Constructs a new SCEV_INFO_STR structure for VAR and INSTANTIATED_BELOW.  

References gimple_bb::bb, and gimple_bb::pbb.

sese new_sese ( edge  ,
struct loop* outermost_loop_in_sese ( sese  ,
static void recompute_all_dominators ( )
   Free and compute again all the dominators information.  

Referenced by translate_clast_assignment().

hashval_t rename_map_elt_info ( const void *  )
tree scalar_evolution_in_region ( sese  ,
loop_p  ,
static bool scev_analyzable_p ( )
   Return true when DEF can be analyzed in REGION by the scalar
   evolution analyzer.  
     When Graphite generates code for a scev, the code generator
     expresses the scev in function of a single induction variable.
     This is unsafe for floating point computations, as it may replace
     a floating point sum reduction with a multiplication.  The
     following test returns false for non integer types to avoid such

Referenced by rewrite_reductions_out_of_ssa().

static bool sese_contains_loop ( )
   Check that SESE contains LOOP.  

Referenced by eq_rename_map_elts().

void sese_insert_phis_for_liveouts ( sese  region,
basic_block  bb,
edge  false_e,
edge  true_e 

Insert in the block BB phi nodes for variables defined in REGION and used outside the REGION. The code generation moves REGION in the else clause of an "if (1)" and generates code in the then clause that is at this point empty:

| if (1) | empty; | else | REGION;

References edge_def::flags.

static unsigned int sese_loop_depth ( )
   Returns the loop depth of LOOP in REGION.  The loop depth
   is the same as the normal loop depth, but limited by a region.


            <- region start


            <- region end

    loop_0 does not exist in the region -> invalid
    loop_1 exists, but is not completely contained in the region -> depth 0
    loop_2 is completely contained -> depth 1  

Referenced by gbb_loop().

static unsigned sese_nb_params ( )
   The number of parameters in REGION. 
void set_ifsese_condition ( ifsese  ,
static sese split_region_for_bb ( )
   Splits BB to make a single entry single exit region.  
static bool stmt_in_sese_p ( )
   Returns true when STMT is defined in REGION.