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gimple-ssa.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  tm_restart_node
struct  gimple_df


static bool gimple_in_ssa_p ()
static tree gimple_vop ()
static use_operand_p gimple_vuse_op ()
static def_operand_p gimple_vdef_op ()
static void update_stmt ()
static void update_stmt_if_modified ()

Function Documentation

static bool gimple_in_ssa_p ( )
   Return true when gimple SSA form was built.
   gimple_in_ssa_p is queried by gimplifier in various early stages before SSA
   infrastructure is initialized.  Check for presence of the datastructures
   at first place.  

References dyn_cast(), g, and gimple_statement_with_ops_base::use_ops.

Referenced by cgraph_process_new_functions(), expand_omp_atomic_load(), expand_omp_sections(), fold_gimple_cond(), and lower_send_clauses().

static def_operand_p gimple_vdef_op ( )
   Return the set of VDEF operand for statement G.  
static tree gimple_vop ( )
   Artificial variable used for the virtual operand FUD chain.  
static use_operand_p gimple_vuse_op ( )
   Return the set of VUSE operand for statement G.  

References dyn_cast(), g, and gimple_statement_with_memory_ops_base::vdef.

Referenced by op_iter_init_phidef(), and vect_get_vec_defs_for_stmt_copy().

static void update_stmt_if_modified ( )
   Update statement S if it has been optimized.  

Referenced by optimize_stmt().