GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.h File Reference

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edge single_dom_exit (struct loop *)
void dump_iv (FILE *, struct iv *)
void dump_use (FILE *, struct iv_use *)
void dump_uses (FILE *, struct ivopts_data *)
void dump_cand (FILE *, struct iv_cand *)
bool contains_abnormal_ssa_name_p (tree)
struct loopoutermost_invariant_loop_for_expr (struct loop *, tree)
bool expr_invariant_in_loop_p (struct loop *, tree)
bool may_be_nonaddressable_p (tree expr)
bool multiplier_allowed_in_address_p (HOST_WIDE_INT, enum machine_mode, addr_space_t)
void tree_ssa_iv_optimize (void)

Function Documentation

bool contains_abnormal_ssa_name_p ( tree  )
void dump_cand ( FILE *  ,
struct iv_cand  
void dump_iv ( FILE *  ,
struct iv  
void dump_use ( FILE *  ,
struct iv_use  
void dump_uses ( FILE *  ,
struct ivopts_data  
bool expr_invariant_in_loop_p ( struct loop ,
bool may_be_nonaddressable_p ( tree  expr)
bool multiplier_allowed_in_address_p ( HOST_WIDE_INT  ratio,
enum machine_mode  mode,
addr_space_t  as 
   Returns true if multiplying by RATIO is allowed in an address.  Test the
   validity for a memory reference accessing memory of mode MODE in
   address space AS.  
struct loop* outermost_invariant_loop_for_expr ( struct loop ,
edge single_dom_exit ( struct loop )
void tree_ssa_iv_optimize ( void  )
   Main entry point.  Optimizes induction variables in loops.  
     Optimize the loops starting with the innermost ones.