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graphite.c File Reference


static void print_global_statistics ()
static void print_graphite_scop_statistics ()
static void print_graphite_statistics ()
static bool graphite_initialize ()
static void graphite_finalize ()
void graphite_transform_loops ()
static unsigned int graphite_transforms ()
static bool gate_graphite_transforms ()
gimple_opt_passmake_pass_graphite ()
gimple_opt_passmake_pass_graphite_transforms ()


CloogState * cloog_state
isl_ctx * the_isl_ctx

Function Documentation

static bool gate_graphite_transforms ( )
     Enable -fgraphite pass if any one of the graphite optimization flags
     is turned on.  

Referenced by make_pass_graphite().

static void graphite_finalize ( )
   Finalize graphite: perform CFG cleanup when NEED_CFG_CLEANUP_P is
static bool graphite_initialize ( )
   Initialize graphite: when there are no loops returns false.  
         FIXME: This limit on the number of basic blocks of a function
         should be removed when the SCOP detection is faster.  
static void graphite_transform_loops ( )
   Perform a set of linear transforms on the loops of the current
     If a function is parallel it was most probably already run through graphite
     once. No need to run again.  
static unsigned int graphite_transforms ( )

Referenced by make_pass_graphite().

gimple_opt_pass* make_pass_graphite_transforms ( )
static void print_global_statistics ( )
   Print global statistics to FILE.  
         Ignore artificial surrounding loop.  

References basic_block_def::count, gsi_end_p(), gsi_next(), gsi_start_bb(), loop::header, basic_block_def::index, basic_block_def::loop_father, and basic_block_def::succs.

static void print_graphite_scop_statistics ( )
static void print_graphite_statistics ( )
   Print statistics for SCOPS to FILE.  

References cfun, and number_of_loops().

Variable Documentation

CloogState* cloog_state

Gimple Represented as Polyhedra. Copyright (C) 2006-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Sebastian Pop sebas.nosp@m.tian.nosp@m..pop@.nosp@m.inri.nosp@m.a.fr.

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   This pass converts GIMPLE to GRAPHITE, performs some loop
   transformations and then converts the resulting representation back
   to GIMPLE.

   An early description of this pass can be found in the GCC Summit'06
   paper "GRAPHITE: Polyhedral Analyses and Optimizations for GCC".
   The wiki page http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/Graphite contains pointers to
   the related work.

   One important document to read is CLooG's internal manual:
   that describes the data structure of loops used in this file, and
   the functions that are used for transforming the code.  
isl_ctx* the_isl_ctx