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Data Structures

struct  dead_debug_global_entry
struct  dead_debug_hash_descr
struct  dead_debug_global
struct  dead_debug_use
struct  dead_debug_local




void dead_debug_global_init (struct dead_debug_global *, bitmap)
void dead_debug_global_finish (struct dead_debug_global *, bitmap)
void dead_debug_local_init (struct dead_debug_local *, bitmap, struct dead_debug_global *)
void dead_debug_local_finish (struct dead_debug_local *, bitmap)
void dead_debug_add (struct dead_debug_local *, df_ref, unsigned int)
int dead_debug_insert_temp (struct dead_debug_local *, unsigned int uregno, rtx insn, enum debug_temp_where)
void propagate_for_debug (rtx, rtx, rtx, rtx, basic_block)

Enumeration Type Documentation

   This type controls the behavior of dead_debug_insert_temp WRT
   UREGNO and INSN.  
       Bind a newly-created debug temporary to a REG for UREGNO, and
       insert the debug insn before INSN.  REG is expected to die at
       Bind a newly-created debug temporary to the value INSN stores
       in REG, and insert the debug insn before INSN.  
       Bind a newly-created debug temporary to a REG for UREGNO, and
       insert the debug insn after INSN.  REG is expected to be set at
       Like DEBUG_TEMP_AFTER_WITH_REG, but force addition of a debug
       temporary even if there is just a single debug use.  This is used
       on regs that are becoming REG_DEAD on INSN and so uses of the
       reg later on are invalid.  

Function Documentation

void dead_debug_add ( struct dead_debug_local ,
df_ref  ,
unsigned  int 
void dead_debug_global_finish ( struct dead_debug_global ,
void dead_debug_global_init ( struct dead_debug_global ,
int dead_debug_insert_temp ( struct dead_debug_local debug,
unsigned int  uregno,
rtx  insn,
enum debug_temp_where  where 
   If UREGNO is referenced by any entry in DEBUG, emit a debug insn
   before or after INSN (depending on WHERE), that binds a (possibly
   global) debug temp to the widest-mode use of UREGNO, if WHERE is
   *_WITH_REG, or the value stored in UREGNO by INSN otherwise, and
   replace all uses of UREGNO in DEBUG with uses of the debug temp.
   INSN must be where UREGNO dies, if WHERE is *_BEFORE_*, or where it
   is set otherwise.  Return the number of debug insns emitted.  
     Move all uses of uregno from debug->head to uses, setting mode to
     the widest referenced mode.  
             If this loc has been changed e.g. to debug_expr already
             as part of a multi-register use, just drop it.  
     We may have dangling bits in debug->used for registers that were part
     of a multi-register use, one component of which has been reset.  
     Recover the expression INSN stores in REG.  
             Lose if the REG-setting insn is a CALL.  
         ??? Should we try to extract it from a PARALLEL?  
         Cool, it's the same REG, we can use SRC.  
             Hmm...  Something's fishy, we should be setting REG here.  
             If we're not overwriting all the hardware registers that
             setting REG in its mode would, we won't know what to bind
             the debug temp to.  ??? We could bind the debug_expr to a
             CONCAT or PARALLEL with the split multi-registers, and
             replace them as we found the corresponding sets.  
             Ok, it's the same (hardware) REG, but with a different
             mode, so SUBREG it.  
             We should be setting REG here.  Lose.  
             Lose if we're setting something other than the lowpart of
             If we're not overwriting all the hardware registers that
             setting REG in its mode would, we won't know what to bind
             the debug temp to.  
             Yay, we can use SRC, just adjust its mode.  
         Oh well, we're out of luck.  
         We couldn't figure out the value stored in REG, so reset all
         of its pending debug uses.  
     If there's a single (debug) use of an otherwise unused REG, and
     the debug use is not part of a larger expression, then it
     probably doesn't make sense to introduce a new debug temp.  
       Create DEBUG_EXPR (and DEBUG_EXPR_DECL).  
     Emit a debug bind insn before the insn in which reg dies.  
     Adjust all uses.  
         ??? Should we simplify subreg of subreg?  

References dead_debug_use::next, and dead_debug_use::use.

Referenced by df_create_unused_note().

void dead_debug_local_finish ( struct dead_debug_local ,
void dead_debug_local_init ( struct dead_debug_local debug,
bitmap  used,
struct dead_debug_global global 
   Initialize DEBUG to an empty list, and clear USED, if given.  Link
   back to GLOBAL, if given, and bring in used bits from it.  

Referenced by gate_ud_dce().

void propagate_for_debug ( rtx  insn,
rtx  last,
rtx  dest,
rtx  src,
basic_block  this_basic_block 
   Replace all the occurrences of DEST with SRC in DEBUG_INSNs between INSN
   and LAST, not including INSN, but including LAST.  Also stop at the end