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genattr.c File Reference


static void gen_attr (rtx)
static void gen_attr ()
static bool check_tune_attr ()
static bool find_tune_attr ()
int main ()


static vec< rtxconst_attrs
static vec< rtxreservations

Function Documentation

static bool check_tune_attr ( )
   Check that attribute NAME is used in define_insn_reservation condition
   EXP.  Return true if it is.  

Referenced by find_tune_attr().

static bool find_tune_attr ( )
   Try to find a const attribute (usually cpu or tune) that is used
   in all define_insn_reservation conditions.  

References check_tune_attr().

static void gen_attr ( rtx  )

Generate attribute information (insn-attr.h) from machine description. Copyright (C) 1991-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Richard Kenner (kenne.nosp@m.r@vl.nosp@m.si1.u.nosp@m.ltra.nosp@m..nyu..nosp@m.edu)

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static void gen_attr ( )
     If numeric attribute, don't need to write an enum.  
     If `length' attribute, write additional function definitions and define
     variables used by `insn_current_length'.  
int main ( )
     Read the machine description.  
         Output interface for pipeline hazards recognition based on
         DFA (deterministic finite state automata.  
         Interface itself: 
         Otherwise we do no scheduling, but we need these typedefs
         in order to avoid uglifying other code with more ifdefs.  
     Special-purpose attributes should be tested with if, not #ifdef.  
     We make an exception here to provide stub definitions for
     insn_*_length* / get_attr_enabled functions.  
     Output flag masks for use by reorg.

     Flags are used to hold branch direction for use by eligible_for_...  

Variable Documentation

vec<rtx> const_attrs
vec<rtx> reservations