GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
lto-streamer.c File Reference

Data Structures

struct  tree_hash_entry
struct  tree_entry_hasher


const char * lto_tag_name ()
bitmap lto_bitmap_alloc ()
void lto_bitmap_free ()
char * lto_get_section_name ()
void print_lto_report ()
void lto_streamer_init ()
bool gate_lto_out ()
void lto_orig_address_map ()
intptr_t lto_orig_address_get ()
void lto_orig_address_remove ()
void lto_check_version ()
void lto_streamer_hooks_init ()


struct lto_stats_d lto_stats
static bitmap_obstack lto_obstack
static bool lto_obstack_initialized
static hash_table
< tree_hash_entry

Function Documentation

bool gate_lto_out ( void  )
   Gate function for all LTO streaming passes.  
             Don't bother doing anything if the program has errors.  

References hash_table< Descriptor, Allocator >::find_slot(), tree_hash_entry::key, and tree_hash_entry::value.

bitmap lto_bitmap_alloc ( void  )
   Allocate a bitmap from heap.  Initializes the LTO obstack if necessary.  
void lto_bitmap_free ( )
   Free bitmap B.  

References LTO_section_function_body.

void lto_check_version ( )
   Check that the version MAJOR.MINOR is the correct version number.  
char* lto_get_section_name ( )
   Get a section name for a particular type or name.  The NAME field
   is only used if SECTION_TYPE is LTO_section_function_body. For all
   others it is ignored.  The callee of this function is responsible
   to free the returned name.  
     Make the section name unique so that ld -r combining sections
     doesn't confuse the reader with merged sections.

     For options don't add a ID, the option reader cannot deal with them
     and merging should be ok here. 

Referenced by lto_output_type_ref_index(), output_cfg(), and write_symbol().

intptr_t lto_orig_address_get ( )
   Get the original address of T as it was seen by the writer.  This
   is only valid while T is being reconstructed.  
void lto_orig_address_map ( )
   Add a mapping between T and ORIG_T, which is the numeric value of
   the original address of T as it was seen by the LTO writer.  This
   mapping is useful when debugging streaming problems.  A debugging
   session can be started on both reader and writer using ORIG_T
   as a breakpoint value in both sessions.

   Note that this mapping is transient and only valid while T is
   being reconstructed.  Once T is fully built, the mapping is

References hash_table< Descriptor, Allocator >::find_slot(), tree_hash_entry::key, and tree_hash_entry::value.

void lto_orig_address_remove ( )
   Clear the mapping of T to its original address.  

References fatal_error().

void lto_streamer_hooks_init ( void  )
   Initialize all the streamer hooks used for streaming GIMPLE.  
void lto_streamer_init ( void  )
   Initialization common to the LTO reader and writer.  
     Check that all the TS_* handled by the reader and writer routines
     match exactly the structures defined in treestruct.def.  When a
     new TS_* astructure is added, the streamer should be updated to
     handle it.  

References seen_error().

const char* lto_tag_name ( )
   Return a string representing LTO tag TAG.  
         For tags representing tree nodes, return the name of the
         associated tree code.  
         For tags representing gimple statements, return the name of
         the associated gimple code.  
void print_lto_report ( )
   Show various memory usage statistics related to LTO.  

Variable Documentation

bitmap_obstack lto_obstack
   LTO uses bitmaps with different life-times.  So use a separate
   obstack for all LTO bitmaps.  
bool lto_obstack_initialized
struct lto_stats_d lto_stats

Miscellaneous utilities for GIMPLE streaming. Things that are used in both input and output are here.

Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Doug Kwan dougk.nosp@m.wan@.nosp@m.googl.nosp@m.e.co.nosp@m.m

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   Statistics gathered during LTO, WPA and LTRANS.  

Referenced by lto_start_compression().

hash_table<tree_hash_entry> tree_htab