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dce.h File Reference

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void run_word_dce (void)
void run_fast_dce (void)
void run_fast_df_dce (void)

Function Documentation

void run_fast_dce ( void  )
   Run a fast DCE pass.  
void run_fast_df_dce ( void  )
   This is an internal call that is used by the df live register
   problem to run fast dce as a side effect of creating the live
   information.  The stack is organized so that the lr problem is run,
   this pass is run, which updates the live info and the df scanning
   info, and then returns to allow the rest of the problems to be run.

   This can be called by elsewhere but it will not update the bit
   vectors for any other problems than LR.  
         If dce is able to delete something, it has to happen
         immediately.  Otherwise there will be problems handling the

Referenced by df_lr_init().

void run_word_dce ( void  )
   Fast byte level DCE.  

References execute(), gate_fast_dce(), and rest_of_handle_fast_dce().