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target-globals.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  target_globals


struct target_globalssave_target_globals (void)
struct target_globalssave_target_globals_default_opts (void)
static void restore_target_globals ()


struct target_flag_statethis_target_flag_state
struct target_regsthis_target_regs
struct target_rtlthis_target_rtl
struct target_hard_regsthis_target_hard_regs
struct target_reloadthis_target_reload
struct target_expmedthis_target_expmed
struct target_optabsthis_target_optabs
struct target_libfuncsthis_target_libfuncs
struct target_cfgloopthis_target_cfgloop
struct target_irathis_target_ira
struct target_ira_intthis_target_ira_int
struct target_lra_intthis_target_lra_int
struct target_builtinsthis_target_builtins
struct target_gcsethis_target_gcse
struct target_bb_reorderthis_target_bb_reorder
struct target_lower_subregthis_target_lower_subreg
struct target_globals default_target_globals

Function Documentation

static void restore_target_globals ( )

Referenced by save_target_globals().

struct target_globals* save_target_globals_default_opts ( void  )
   Like save_target_globals() above, but set *this_target_optabs
   correctly when a previous function has changed
         Temporarily switch to the default optimization node, so that
         *this_target_optabs is set to the default, not reflecting
         whatever a previous function used for the optimize

References save_target_globals().

Variable Documentation

struct target_globals default_target_globals

Target-dependent globals. Copyright (C) 2010-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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struct target_bb_reorder* this_target_bb_reorder
struct target_builtins* this_target_builtins
struct target_cfgloop* this_target_cfgloop
struct target_expmed* this_target_expmed
struct target_flag_state* this_target_flag_state
struct target_gcse* this_target_gcse
struct target_hard_regs* this_target_hard_regs
struct target_ira* this_target_ira
struct target_ira_int* this_target_ira_int
struct target_libfuncs* this_target_libfuncs
struct target_lower_subreg* this_target_lower_subreg
struct target_lra_int* this_target_lra_int
struct target_optabs* this_target_optabs
struct target_regs* this_target_regs
struct target_reload* this_target_reload
struct target_rtl* this_target_rtl