GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
gengenrtl.c File Reference

Data Structures

struct  rtx_definition


static const char * type_from_format ()
static const char * accessor_from_format ()
static int special_format ()
static int special_rtx ()
static int excluded_rtx ()
static void find_formats ()
static void genmacro ()
static void gendef ()
static void genlegend ()
static void genheader ()
int main ()


static struct rtx_definition defs []
static const char * formats [NUM_RTX_CODE]

Function Documentation

static const char* accessor_from_format ( )
   Decode a format letter into the proper accessor function.  
static int excluded_rtx ( )
   Return nonzero if the RTL code given by index IDX is one that we should
   generate no macro for at all (because gen_rtx_FOO is never used or
   cannot have the obvious interface).  
static void find_formats ( )
   Place a list of all format specifiers we use into the array FORMAT.  
static void gendef ( )
   Generate the code for the function to generate RTL whose
   format is FORMAT.  
     Start by writing the definition of the function name and the types
     of the arguments.  
     Now write out the body of the function itself, which allocates
     the memory and initializes it.  
static void genheader ( )
   Generate the text of the header file we make, genrtl.h.  
static void genlegend ( )
   Generate the documentation header for files we write.  
static void genmacro ( )
   Generate macros to generate RTL of code IDX using the functions we
     We write a macro that defines gen_rtx_RTLCODE to be an equivalent to
     gen_rtx_fmt_FORMAT where FORMAT is the RTX_FORMAT of RTLCODE.  
       Don't define a macro for this code.  
int main ( )
   This is the main program.  
static int special_format ( )
   Return nonzero if we should ignore FMT, an RTL format, when making
   the list of formats we write routines to create.  
static int special_rtx ( )
   Return nonzero if the RTL code given by index IDX is one that we should
   generate a gen_rtx_raw_FOO macro for, not gen_rtx_FOO (because gen_rtx_FOO
   is a wrapper in emit-rtl.c).  
static const char* type_from_format ( )
   Decode a format letter into a C type string.  

Variable Documentation

struct rtx_definition defs[]
Initial value:
#include "rtl.def"
const char* formats[NUM_RTX_CODE]