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tree-outof-ssa.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  ssaexpand


static rtx get_rtx_for_ssa_name ()
static gimple get_gimple_for_ssa_name ()
bool ssa_is_replaceable_p (gimple stmt)
void finish_out_of_ssa (struct ssaexpand *sa)
unsigned int rewrite_out_of_ssa (struct ssaexpand *sa)
void expand_phi_nodes (struct ssaexpand *sa)


struct ssaexpand SA

Function Documentation

void expand_phi_nodes ( struct ssaexpand sa)
void finish_out_of_ssa ( struct ssaexpand sa)
static gimple get_gimple_for_ssa_name ( )
   If TER decided to forward the definition of SSA name EXP this function
   returns the defining statement, otherwise NULL.  
static rtx get_rtx_for_ssa_name ( )
   Returns the RTX expression representing the storage of the outof-SSA
   partition that the SSA name EXP is a member of.  

References bitmap_bit_p(), SA, and ssaexpand::values.

unsigned int rewrite_out_of_ssa ( struct ssaexpand sa)
bool ssa_is_replaceable_p ( gimple  stmt)

Variable Documentation

struct ssaexpand SA
   This is the singleton described above.  

A pass for lowering trees to RTL. Copyright (C) 2004-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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   This variable holds information helping the rewriting of SSA trees
   into RTL.  

Referenced by discover_nonconstant_array_refs_r(), fini_vars_expansion(), get_rtx_for_ssa_name(), and insert_rtx_to_part_on_edge().