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static void append_to_collect_gcc_options (struct obstack *ob, bool *first_p, const char *opt)
void lto_write_options ()

Function Documentation

static void append_to_collect_gcc_options ( struct obstack ob,
bool *  first_p,
const char *  opt 

LTO IL options.

Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Simon Baldwin simon.nosp@m.b@go.nosp@m.ogle..nosp@m.com

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   Append the option piece OPT to the COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS string
   set up by OB, appropriately quoted and separated by spaces
   (if !*FIRST_P).  

References strlen().

void lto_write_options ( void  )
   Write currently held options to an LTO IL section.  
     Output options that affect GIMPLE IL semantics and are implicitely
     enabled by the frontend.
     This for now includes an explicit set of options that we also handle
     explicitly in lto-wrapper.c.  In the end the effects on GIMPLE IL
     semantics should be explicitely encoded in the IL or saved per
     function rather than per compilation unit.  
     -fexceptions causes the EH machinery to be initialized, enabling
     generation of unwind data so that explicit throw() calls work.  
     Output explicitely passed options.  
         Skip explicitly some common options that we do not need.  
         Skip frontend and driver specific options here.  
         Drop options created from the gcc driver that will be rejected
         when passed on to the driver again.  
         Also drop all options that are handled by the driver as well,
         which includes things like -o and -v or -fhelp for example.
         We do not need those.  Also drop all diagnostic options.  

References save_decoded_options, and save_decoded_options_count.