GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
cppdefault.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  default_include


bool cpp_relocated (void)


struct default_include cpp_include_defaults []
const char cpp_GCC_INCLUDE_DIR []
const size_t cpp_GCC_INCLUDE_DIR_len
const char cpp_PREFIX []
const size_t cpp_PREFIX_len
const char cpp_EXEC_PREFIX []
const char * gcc_exec_prefix

Function Documentation

bool cpp_relocated ( void  )
   Return true if the toolchain is relocated.  
     A relocated toolchain ignores standard include directories.  
         Check if the toolchain was relocated?  

Variable Documentation

const char cpp_EXEC_PREFIX[]
   The configure-time execution prefix.  This is typically the lib/gcc
   subdirectory of cpp_PREFIX.  
const char cpp_GCC_INCLUDE_DIR[]

Referenced by add_standard_paths().

const size_t cpp_GCC_INCLUDE_DIR_len
struct default_include cpp_include_defaults[]

Referenced by add_standard_paths().

const char cpp_PREFIX[]
   The configure-time prefix, i.e., the value supplied as the argument
   to --prefix=.  
   The configured prefix.  
const size_t cpp_PREFIX_len
   The length of the configure-time prefix.  
const char* gcc_exec_prefix
   The run-time execution prefix.  This is typically the lib/gcc
   subdirectory of the actual installation.  
   This value is set by cpp_relocated at runtime