GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
xcoffout.h File Reference

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int stab_to_sclass (int)
void xcoffout_begin_prologue (unsigned int, const char *)
void xcoffout_begin_block (unsigned, unsigned)
void xcoffout_end_epilogue (unsigned int, const char *)
void xcoffout_end_function (unsigned int)
void xcoffout_end_block (unsigned, unsigned)
int xcoff_assign_fundamental_type_number (tree)
void xcoffout_declare_function (FILE *, tree, const char *)
void xcoffout_source_line (unsigned int, const char *, int, bool)


const char * xcoff_current_include_file
char * xcoff_bss_section_name
char * xcoff_private_data_section_name
char * xcoff_tls_data_section_name
char * xcoff_tbss_section_name
char * xcoff_read_only_section_name
const char * xcoff_lastfile

Function Documentation

int stab_to_sclass ( int  )
   Prototype functions in xcoffout.c.  
int xcoff_assign_fundamental_type_number ( tree  )
void xcoffout_begin_block ( unsigned  ,
void xcoffout_begin_prologue ( unsigned int  line,
const char *  file 
   Called at beginning of function body (at start of prologue).
   Record the function's starting line number, so we can output
   relative line numbers for the other lines.
   Record the file name that this function is contained in.  
     Emit the symbols for the outermost BLOCK's variables.  sdbout.c does this
     in sdbout_begin_block, but there is no guarantee that there will be any
     inner block 1, so we must do it here.  This gives a result similar to
     dbxout, so it does make some sense.  
void xcoffout_declare_function ( FILE *  ,
tree  ,
const char *   
void xcoffout_end_block ( unsigned  ,
void xcoffout_end_epilogue ( unsigned int  line,
const char *  file 
   Output xcoff info for the absolute end of a function.
   Called after the epilogue is output.  
     We need to pass the correct function size to .function, otherwise,
     the xas assembler can't figure out the correct size for the function
     aux entry.  So, we emit a label after the last instruction which can
     be used by the .function pseudo op to calculate the function size.  
void xcoffout_end_function ( unsigned  int)
void xcoffout_source_line ( unsigned int  line,
const char *  filename,
int  discriminator,
bool  is_stmt 
   Output a line number symbol entry for location (FILENAME, LINE).  

References dbxout_reg_parms(), dbxout_syms(), and DINFO_LEVEL_TERSE.

Variable Documentation

char* xcoff_bss_section_name
   Names of bss and data sections.  These should be unique names for each
   compilation unit.  
const char* xcoff_current_include_file
   Name of the current include file.  
const char* xcoff_lastfile
   Last source file name mentioned in a NOTE insn.  
char* xcoff_private_data_section_name
char* xcoff_read_only_section_name
char* xcoff_tbss_section_name
char* xcoff_tls_data_section_name