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dbxout.h File Reference

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int dbxout_symbol (tree, int)
void dbxout_parms (tree)
void dbxout_reg_parms (tree)
int dbxout_syms (tree)
void default_stabs_asm_out_destructor (rtx, int)
void default_stabs_asm_out_constructor (rtx, int)
void dbxout_int (int)
void dbxout_stabd (int, int)
void dbxout_begin_stabn (int)
void dbxout_begin_stabn_sline (int)
void dbxout_begin_empty_stabs (int)
void dbxout_begin_simple_stabs (const char *, int)
void dbxout_begin_simple_stabs_desc (const char *, int, int)
void dbxout_stab_value_zero (void)
void dbxout_stab_value_label (const char *)
void dbxout_stab_value_label_diff (const char *, const char *)
void dbxout_stab_value_internal_label (const char *, int *)
void dbxout_stab_value_internal_label_diff (const char *, int *, const char *)

Function Documentation

void dbxout_begin_empty_stabs ( int  )
void dbxout_begin_simple_stabs ( const char *  ,
void dbxout_begin_simple_stabs_desc ( const char *  ,
int  ,
void dbxout_begin_stabn ( int  )
void dbxout_begin_stabn_sline ( int  )
void dbxout_int ( int  )
   dbxout helper functions 
void dbxout_parms ( tree  )
void dbxout_reg_parms ( tree  )
void dbxout_stab_value_internal_label ( const char *  ,
int *   
void dbxout_stab_value_internal_label_diff ( const char *  stem,
int *  counterp,
const char *  base 
   Write out the difference between BASE and an internal label as the
   value of a stab, and immediately emit that internal label.  STEM and
   COUNTERP are as for dbxout_stab_value_internal_label.  
void dbxout_stab_value_label ( const char *  )
void dbxout_stab_value_label_diff ( const char *  ,
const char *   
void dbxout_stab_value_zero ( void  )
   Primitives for emitting simple stabs directives.  All other stabs
   routines should use these functions instead of directly emitting
   stabs.  They are exported because machine-dependent code may need
   to invoke them, e.g. in a DBX_OUTPUT_* macro whose definition
   forwards to code in CPU.c.  
   The following functions should all be called immediately after one
   of the dbxout_begin_stab* functions (below).  They write out
   various things as the value of a stab.  
   Write out a literal zero as the value of a stab.  

References gcc_debug_hooks::label.

Referenced by emit_bincl_stab().

void dbxout_stabd ( int  ,
int dbxout_symbol ( tree  ,
int dbxout_syms ( tree  )
void default_stabs_asm_out_constructor ( rtx  symbol,
int  priority 
   Likewise for global constructors.  
     Tell GNU LD that this is part of the static destructor set.
     This will work for any system that uses stabs, most usefully
     aout systems.  
void default_stabs_asm_out_destructor ( rtx  symbol,
int  priority 
   Record an element in the table of global destructors.  SYMBOL is
   a SYMBOL_REF of the function to be called; PRIORITY is a number
   between 0 and MAX_INIT_PRIORITY.  
     Tell GNU LD that this is part of the static destructor set.
     This will work for any system that uses stabs, most usefully
     aout systems.