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realmpfr.h File Reference

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tree do_mpc_arg2 (tree, tree, tree, int, int(*)(mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t))
void real_from_mpfr (REAL_VALUE_TYPE *, mpfr_srcptr, tree, mp_rnd_t)
void mpfr_from_real (mpfr_ptr, const REAL_VALUE_TYPE *, mp_rnd_t)

Function Documentation

tree do_mpc_arg2 ( tree  arg0,
tree  arg1,
tree  type,
int  do_nonfinite,
int(*)(mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t)  func 
   In builtins.c.  
   If arguments ARG0 and ARG1 are a COMPLEX_CST, call the two-argument
   mpc function FUNC on it and return the resulting value as a tree
   with type TYPE.  The mpfr precision is set to the precision of
   TYPE.  We assume that function FUNC returns zero if the result
   could be calculated exactly within the requested precision.  If
   DO_NONFINITE is true, then fold expressions containing Inf or NaN
   in the arguments and/or results.  
     To proceed, MPFR must exactly represent the target floating point
     format, which only happens when the target base equals two.  

Referenced by fold_builtin_classify().

void mpfr_from_real ( mpfr_ptr  ,
const REAL_VALUE_TYPE *  ,
void real_from_mpfr ( REAL_VALUE_TYPE *  ,
mpfr_srcptr  ,
tree  ,
   Convert between MPFR and REAL_VALUE_TYPE.  The caller is
   responsible for initializing and clearing the MPFR parameter.