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statistics.h File Reference

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void statistics_early_init (void)
void statistics_init (void)
void statistics_fini (void)
void statistics_fini_pass (void)
void statistics_counter_event (struct function *, const char *, int)
void statistics_histogram_event (struct function *, const char *, int)

Function Documentation

void statistics_counter_event ( struct function ,
const char *  ,
void statistics_early_init ( void  )
   In statistics.c 
   Register the statistics dump file.  
void statistics_fini ( void  )
   Finish the statistics and dump summary information.  

Referenced by lang_dependent_init_target().

void statistics_fini_pass ( void  )
   Dump the current statistics incrementally.  
void statistics_histogram_event ( struct function ,
const char *  ,
void statistics_init ( void  )
   Init the statistics.